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Huizhou Hongfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Huizhou Hongfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Winfung/Professional wholesale custom sports bag manufacturer

Since 1990,Winfung Worldwide Enterprises Ltd. is the headquarter and established in 1990 in Hongkong, China.

We have complete production equipment and professional technical processes, from product design, manual samples, quality testing to parts packaging, we carefully execute each step to achieve the highest quality products.

Established since 1990, Winfung is a bag and accessory manufacturer with strong experience in providing OEM and ODM services for wide range of products such as backpacks, duffle bags, dry bags, cooler bags, bicycle bags, and luggages. We offer comprehensive and professionalservices from products development, material sourcing, production, testing, quality control and logistic arrangement. With our expertise, Winfung knows how to support you in the development of your products from concept to successful market launch.

Winfung Worldwide Enterprises Ltd. Founded in 1990, with rich experiences and strong working team mainly specialized in producing waterproof and nylon bags. We have passed factory audit: ISO, SA8000, SMETA and have DISNEY FAMA certificate. Our ODM waterproof bag is made of light-weight waterproof, environment-friendly fabrics and seamless technology, and has obtained a number of National patent certificates. Winfung has professional testing machines in site to ensure quality.