WIN Cycling Frame Bag

WIN Cycling Frame Bag


Highlights: base capacity of 3.7 liters, separate storage, waterproof design, double-sided zipper, Velcro installation.

Highlights: base capacity of 3.7 liters, separate storage, waterproof design, double-sided zipper, Velcro installation.

Function and purpose:
Functional running errands-frame bag The size of the bicycle bag is (L x W x H) 46 * 7 * 12CM, and its 3.7 unlimited space can accommodate your smartphone, power bank, keys, etc.
Cleverly designed shape-the bicycle frame bag is perfectly located between the seat and the upper tube due to its triangular shape. Therefore, the bag can be firmly fixed in place and will not hinder your operation.
100% waterproof-from exterior materials to zippers, the winfung storage bag is absolutely waterproof and can best protect your valuables in all weather conditions.
Reflective components-the bike’s innovative frame package is equipped with reflective elements on both sides. Therefore, even in the late hours, you will attract attention.
Customer-oriented startup-Winfung is the future of cycling, and provides high-quality products and trustworthy English customer service!

The frame package has a capacity of 3.7 liters and a square shape, which is more suitable for road frames above 52cm. For mountain bike frames with a smaller triangle area, you can also choose a small frame package.

Although the frame bag does not use waterproof zippers, the zippers are hidden under the "wings" of the waterproof fabric, so the shoddy environment will not have much impact on the contents of the bag. During long-distance riding, it is inevitable to encounter various unexpected situations. Weather changes and changes in road conditions often make riders feel sad. Traditional camel bags (especially cheap ones) basically have no waterproof function. Once the road encounters rainy weather , You need to cover the waterproof cover in advance, if you want to take things at this time, it is very inconvenient. The main body of the Winfung frame bag is made of waterproof fabric, and no additional waterproof cover is required. The large-size zipper opens and closes, which is very convenient to open and close in rain.

The front end of the frame bag is fixed with the upper tube of the frame by Velcro. The Velcro installation position uses a soft and tough fabric to provide sufficient friction, which can stably fix the car bag and will not wear the paint.

Everyone should have noticed that the front Velcro has two installation ports, which can be adjusted according to the actual shape of the frame, and can be matched with different top tube packages to avoid interference between the top tube package Velcro and the frame package Velcro. Very attentive.

Like the upper tube bag, the frame bag is also designed with a cable outlet, and it can also charge the stopwatch and car lights placed on the front of the car. If you ride more than 100 kilometers a day, or ride at night for a long time, the computer, car lights, and even mobile phones need power supplies, and the waterproof material bag can also be used to safely place the power bank.

The frame bag has two built-in compartments, which can store items more reasonably, avoid the "hodgepodge" situation, and pick up items in a more organized manner. If you don't need compartments, or want to put some longer items, you can also separate the Velcro into a whole storage space. There is also a transverse zipper on the other side of the frame bag, which can also store some commonly used items.

The frame bag and the top tube bag are okay to use separately, but together, the bottom velcro of the top tube bag and the front velcro of the frame bag will interfere to a certain extent. This is the Winfung car bag set to cope with different sizes. , The compromise made by the frame of the specification, if you want to solve this problem, you only need to simply adjust the position of the Velcro of the frame bag, which is relatively convenient.

The frame bag has a square shape, which is more suitable for a horizontal frame and a slightly compressed frame. If it is a brand with a larger front triangle compression (such as Giant), it will have a greater impact on the kettle after installation.

Even if it is a 56-yard uncompressed frame, it will still interfere with the water bottle after installing the frame package. Even a small 500ml water bottle will be difficult to pull out. This is unavoidable for a frame package of this size. problem. Therefore, I adopted the "curve to save the country" method, installed a water bottle expansion rack, installed two water bottle racks side by side, offset the angle of the water bottle, convenient to take the water bottle, and also expanded the number of portable water bottle. In addition, bottle cages with side openings can also be used to reduce interference from the car bag.

Small summary:

The frame bag is very easy to install. It only needs three velcro strips to be securely fixed in the frame. It is very convenient to load and retrieve items. It is also a waterproof fabric, which can give you one more thing in the face of unpredictable long-distance riding. Take it easy. Why have I mentioned the word calmly many times?

When planning a long-distance ride, your carry-on luggage is bound to be diverse, some are often used on the road, and some are hardly moved on the road. With the Winfung car bag set, you can reasonably arrange those infrequently used luggage Where is the commonly used baggage placed, and how is it convenient to access. And the smooth zipper allows you to complete the action of fetching and placing objects during the ride, without stopping to spend more time on the side of the road. These are all conveniences that cannot be provided by carrying a backpack or placing a big camel bag. Facing the journey more calmly, more trouble-free and worry-free, why not do it.

However, the frame bag is indeed a bit picky about the size of the frame. Even the frame size of 56 yards, which is already considered a large size in China, will have an impact on the picking and taking of the riser bottle, not to mention the more common body shape of the Chinese. The size is 50-52-54. Therefore, I suggest that users of small and medium-sized frames can install a water bottle down conversion seat, or install a one-to-two extension bracket, or choose a bottle cage with side openings to optimize the whole set Long-distance load system.